Avabil | The Market
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The Market

Digital creativity unleashed

About This Project

The Market, world most big online market it will be, It’s comming soon. We did it’s graphic ui & ux. tje story was simple and it’s related with our felling because the clients was
very kind and supportive, motivated. e loved to make him happy. this is why our team was did very hard work for him. After complating this project the clienbts was contact with us again about more deisgn work.
We did tem also. We was confused about the 2nd task but the client was very sure that we can do the 2nd project nicely. We was very motivated by him and started working on the
second project. We worked 2 month and show him the result. The result was awesome. He told us he will give us more project to making his others website.

Still we are working for him.

Design and development