Avabil | Houseey
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Digital creativity unleashed

About This Project

Houseey, Do you know houseey!!! No. because this is a residential online portal. They helps people to find out new home in new place. We was loved to working on this project.
But the project was not very easy. We worked hard to make the client 100% satisfied. It was good for us because our team was learned much from this project and we was agree
to don’t waste time to thinking over. We take buyer requirements in new way and ask him about the changes. He was not appy because he was asking for much modification without any
explanation. But we never lost our hope. We talked with him and find out the problems and solved. After that when we show him the design he was happy and we complete the job.
He gave us a big thumbs up and we gave me the files.

UI & UX design